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PA Experience Wine Limited

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獨特體驗、高品質和知識是我們所珍視的一切。 我們的目標是為您帶來不一樣的葡萄酒體驗。 我們每一款葡萄酒都從意大利、西班牙和法國精心挑選並直送到港,目的為帶給您最佳性價比的享受。 我們也期望聽到客戶分享他們有趣的葡萄酒故事和知識,與客戶建立更密切的關係。 Unique Experience, Good Quality and Knowledgeable is what we treasured. We aim to bring exclusive wine experience to our customers. All wine are carefully selected from Italy, Spain and France with the best price and quality. We believe sharing interesting story and knowledge about wine can help to start a conversation and build closer relationship with our customers.

企業服務包括由WSET指定導師主持的品酒會、定制葡萄酒禮品、企業訂購等。私人客戶方面,我們提供葡萄酒俱樂部會藉訂購、私人或團體品酒服務、在線購買葡萄酒和定制葡萄酒禮品等服務。 Corporate Services including wine tasting workshop by nominated educator from WSET, customized wine gifts, corporate subscription, etc. For Private Customers, we offer wine club membership subscription, private or group wine tasting, online purchase of wines and customized wine gifts.

PM Club會員獨家優惠
20% off Discount for all product and Services, Pre-order for limited items.

產品 / 服務提供方式

可線上訂購或直接WHATSAPP 我們以提供報價及協助 Online ordering or Whatsapp to contact us for customized items.

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